Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm a software engineer at Wefunder and will be moving down to the bay area this April.

My story starts in the beautiful city of Ottawa, Canada (actually we immigrated from Dubai but I was really young). Living in Canada I learned all about hockey, beaver tails and maple syrup. Just kidding. Not really.

For undergrad I studied computer systems engineering at Carleton University and topped that off with a masters in computer science from Harvard. After graduation, I moved back to Ottawa and founded Class Move Inc., an Expedia for movers. I bootstrapped the business through software consulting, but, sadly it was for naught. The business was not as successful as I had hoped.

After some introspection I came to the realization that it may have been premature starting a business straight out of school and could have benefited from more experience. So after 2 years of slugging it out on my own, I went on the job hunt and decided to join Wefunder.

That is my story in a nutshell. I want to hear yours! If you're in the bay area let's grab a coffee! You can email me, read my blog, follow me on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn and browse my projects.


Below are some interesting projects I've worked on while in school or during my spare time. For some I've written blog posts, and the others I will get around to it at some point. The open source ones can be found on github.

Job Hunt

A Rails app to visualize and compare the amount of money a company has raised (a proxy for growth). The data is retrieved using the CrunchBase and AngelList api. Browse on github.


Bringing romance back to forms. Formance is a jQuery library for formatting and validating form fields (based on Stripe's jQuery.payment library). Browse on github.

Bloom Filters

Reconciles two sets using invertible bloom filters.


A fashion recommender powered by Mechanical Turk. Browse on github.

Sentiment Analysis

A random forest classifier predicts the sentiment of a given text. Read the blog post.

Distributed Dropbox

Peer-to-peer file syncrhonization. It has no central point of failure, and files only live on trusted servers.

Graph Vizualization

Force-based graph visualization, where nodes attract and edges repel.


A tool for organizing pickup sports. Browse on github.