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I have been developing integrations for BigBlueButton for a little over a year, and I have become quite familiar with the API. In fact, our relationship has blossomed into a love hate one. Building the urls to make API calls can be quite mundane and a nuisance. There is a chrome plugin that solves this problem but to be honest it is not very user friendly.

I decided to burn the midnight oil developing a better solution and I am happy to announce the BigBlueButton API Buddy. Here is the quick rundown:

  • Not limited to any browser, and can be used without installing any plugins
  • Generates the urls for all the possible API calls
  • The response (xml packet) of the API calls are displayed in the browser, and since most browsers have xml support it enables the user to easily browse and analyze the response.
  • Written in jQuery, and as a result the urls are generated on the client side.
  • Open source and can be found here on GitHub.

Hopefully it can bring you the same joy it brought me. Enjoy and happy coding!